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Full Version: Pirate Gameboy Game sprites
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I decided that I might rip some sprites from this one Final Fantasy Hong Kong origonal for the Gameboy Color. This game is called Final Fantasy X: Fantasy Wars. This game wowed me. For a Hong Kong Origonal (Or bootleg as your used to calling them.) this game isn't too shabby. The one thing I hate the most about this game, though, is the fact it uses stolen music. Like for example, I heard a few songs in the game that were ripped straight out of King of Fighters 95 GB. This leads me to believe the songs I didn't hear in that game are also stolen. But the gameplay is a halfway decent beat-em-up. You can play as the powerful Warrior, the Magical Black Mage, the Speedy Chocobo, or the Longshot Archer. It's cool that they do NOT play the same. A normal pirate would have all the characters play the same. There is like a new enemy every level. Even the intro looks like they put effort into it. The only thing they didn't put effort into was, like I said, the music. Which is all stolen. If it weren't for the stolen music, the game would almost seem official.

The place this topic goes is debatable. Final Fantasy is a Square-Enix game, but this was not made by Square-Enix. I just put it here for now. I don't have much ripped from this yet, though. All I have ripped is the normal goblin. That's another cool thing. Most of the enemies actually look like Final Fantasy enemies.
[Image: goblinsn4.png]
Considering I have great intrest in pirates, I must admit you've done a great job of ripping these.
This game is definately worth a try then.
Sounds fun. I'd like to see more rips.
I'm sorry, but I have lost interest in ripping this game pretty fast. If anyone else wants to give ripping this a try, the roms on Rom Bay.

I might rip some more, but it's not garunteed. I am really not as interested as I thought I would be.