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Hello! As you've probably figured out, I've pretty much been on a binge of N64 ripping. Since the Nintendo 64 was a 3D console, there are plenty of textures, ripe for the ripping! Since this is the case, I'm going to rip plenty of N64 textures for all to enjoy! And with that, I give you my first-ever texture rips!

[Image: chameleontwist_icon.png]
[Image: chameleontwist-davy_icon.png][Image: chameleontwist-fred_icon.png][Image: chameleontwist-jack_icon.png][Image: chameleontwist-linda_icon.png][Image: chameleontwist-rabbit_icon.png]

[Image: dk64_icon.png]
[Image: dk64-chunky_icon.png][Image: dk64-diddy_icon.png][Image: dk64-dk_icon.png][Image: dk64-lanky_icon.png][Image: dk64-tiny_icon.png]
[Image: dk64-zinger_icon.png]

[Image: mariotennis.png]
[Image: mariotennis-boo_icon.png][Image: mariotennis-bowser_icon.png][Image: mariotennis-daisy_icon.png][Image: mariotennis-paratroopa_icon.png][Image: mariotennis-shyguy_icon.png][Image: mariotennis-yoshi_icon.png]

[Image: pkmnsnap_icon.png]
[Image: pkmnsnap-articuno_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-charmander_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-dragonite_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-dratini_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-electrode_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-geodude_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-goldeen_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-graveler_icon.png]
[Image: pkmnsnap-gyarados_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-haunter_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-jynx_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-kakuna_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-koffing_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-magikarp_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-magmar_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-meowth_icon.png]
[Image: pkmnsnap-mew_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-muk_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-sandshrew_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-sandslash_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-victreebel_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-vileplume_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-weepinbell_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-zubat_icon.png]

[Image: supersmashbros.png]
[Image: smashbros-congojungle_icon.png][Image: smashbros-mushroomkingdom_icon.png]
[Image: smashbros-metalmario_icon.png]
Woah, very good rip. Do you plan to rip the two zelda on n64? I say this because I'll love rip these games.
That sounds fun! Just to clarify, do you mean you want to rip from them, or you would like to see them be ripped?
I want rip from them. But I have some problem with zelda ocarina of time. Some texture are pale, do you know this problem?
I haven't really started ripping anything from the games yet, but I'll be sure to check it out. Can you give me any specific details? What were you trying to get?
[Image: 5f94f8cc.png]
This is the texture of the face of a redead. Normally the texture must be brown. I've rip this with lemmy's plugin (the same effect for mudllor's plugin) maybe it's a problem due to the rom (i've the same problem with a pal rom) or with the ripping tool.
Ah, yes. I've encountered this many times with several games. Many textures that blend into a certain color are colorless and are made to blend into whatever color the character or underlying texture is. The texture was likely put over a smooth, brown ReDead to make a rugged effect.

For example, I ripped the textures from the Rainbow Cloud level in Pokemon Snap. All of the constellations and the cloud itself were textures, but they were the same kind of pale, gray color that ReDead texture is. In the game, they fade into several color hues with bright, vibrant colors. I also saw this with the Jellyfish in Yoshi's Story. There is nothing wrong with the texture you ripped. It's just meant to blend with its backgrounds. It's perfectly fine.

Textures like those can also be shifted into another color, and not be put over a texture at all, such as the Jellyfish.
I got 2 questions:

Chameleon Twist : I understand all the colored guys are playable characters, but what is the rabbit? NPC? Enemy?
Donkey Kong 64: The characters in the first line are playable characters and the one in the second is an enemy, correct?

Oh, and non-related to organizing the uploaded stuff: are you going to rip all the playable Smash Bros characters? It would be pretty cool if you did :p
The Rabbit is the only friendly character aside from the Chameleons. And yes, the first line is all of the playable Kongs and Zinger is an enemy.

Actually, I didn't remember which Smash Bros. fighters were ripped and which ones weren't so, to be safe, I didn't rip any yet. Of course, if there are any left, I'd love to tackle them!
Yes, I've ripped plenty more textures for you all! Mainly, I ended up doing heaps of Banjo-Kazooie!

[Image: mariotennis.png]
Playable Characters
[Image: mariotennis-dkjr_icon.png][Image: mariotennis-toad_icon.png]

[Image: pokemonstadium2_icon.png]
[Image: pokemonstadium2-azaleagym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-celadongym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-ceruleangym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-cinnabargym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-fuchsiagym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-pewtergym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-saffrongym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-silvercave_icon.png]
[Image: pokemonstadium2-vermiliongym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-violetgym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-viridiangym_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-vsrival_icon.png]

[Image: Banjo-Kazooie.png]
Friendly Characters
[Image: banjokazooie-ancientones_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-cheato_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-clanker_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-gloop_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-gnawty_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-juju_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-loggo_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-rubee_icon.png]
[Image: banjokazooie-snorkel_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-trunker_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-wozza_icon.png]
[Image: banjokazooie-bossboombox_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-goldflibbit_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-littlelockup_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-lockup_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-mrvile_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-mummum_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-mutiesnippet_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-napper_icon.png]
[Image: banjokazooie-nipper_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-zubba_icon.png]
[Image: banjokazooie-caterpillar_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-extrahoneycomb_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-gold_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-jiggy_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-orange_icon.png]

Yeah, Snorkel was a huge letdown.
From the playable characters of Smash Bros. the only left are Link and Jigglypuff. No one ripped the Master Hand (actually the only non-playable character and stages ripped was yours)
Hey, do you mind making an icon for Grabba too?
Sure! I was actually planning on adding a few mugshot sprites to Grabba, since SmithyGCN missed what was sorta like a blinking animation.

[Image: banjokazooie-grabba.png]
It would be awesome. But while it's still on hold let's just make the whole section looks better ;p Thx
Love the Banjo Kazooie stuff. BTW, how do you change the colors of the characters in Mario Tennis?
I ripped tons more textures! But first, let me answer A.J. In the Special Games in Mario Tennis, two players can choose the same character for the points matches. However, only two players can do this. The third and fourth players can't. Now, onto the textures:

First, I present to you, more Banjo rips! As for the characters that don't have mugshots, I'm going to just crop a screenshot to look like a mugshot, so as to not break the flow. If the character is just a pallette swap (like Slappa to Grabba), I'll just fade the mugshot to the swap.

Also, I need a little help. I've begun ripping more from Pokemon Snap, but two Pokemon are currently out of reach. The emulator won't make the red, blinking light show when the center is over a Pokemon, so I can't encounter Dugtrio or Starmie, who are only seen by taking pictures of another Pokemon. Is there a way to fix this?

Anyway, here be the rips:

[Image: Banjo-Kazooie.png]
Playable Characters
[Image: banjokazooie-kazooie_icon.png]
Friendly Characters
[Image: banjokazooie-blubber_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-chimpy_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-croctus_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-eyriebaby_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-leaky_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-motzand_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-polarbearkids_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-tanktup_icon.png]
[Image: banjokazooie-tiptup_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-tiptupchoir_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-tumblar_icon.png]
Enemy Characters
[Image: banjokazooie-colliwobble_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-conga_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-grillechompa_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-nibbly_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-quarrie_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-slappa_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-snacker_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-snippet_icon.png]
[Image: banjokazooie-ticker_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-topper_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-whiplash_icon.png][Image: banjokazooie-yumyum_icon.png]
[Image: grabba_icon.png]

[Image: banjotooie_icon.png]
Playable Characters
[Image: banjo2-mumbojumbo_icon.png]
Friendly Characters
[Image: banjo2-angelbottles_icon.png][Image: banjo2-chompasaurus_icon.png][Image: banjo2-goldfish_icon.png][Image: banjo2-heggy_icon.png][Image: banjo2-honeyb_icon.png][Image: banjo2-jollyroger_icon.png][Image: banjo2-mrfit_icon.png][Image: banjo2-sabreman_icon.png]
[Image: banjo2-saltyjoe_icon.png][Image: banjo2-tiptup_icon.png]
Enemy Characters
[Image: banjo2-devilbottles_icon.png][Image: banjo2-lordwoofakfak_icon.png][Image: banjo2-mingyjongo_icon.png][Image: banjo2-mrpatch_icon.png][Image: banjo2-oldkingcoal_icon.png][Image: banjo2-ssslumber_icon.png][Image: banjo2-weldar_icon.png]

[Image: pokesnap.png]
[Image: pkmnsnap-arcanine_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-butterfree_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-chansey_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-charizard_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-charmeleon_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-diglett_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-doduo_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-eevee_icon.png]
[Image: pkmnsnap-electabuzz_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-growlithe_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-kangaskhan_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-lapras_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-magnemite_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-magneton_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-moltres_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-pidgey_icon.png]
[Image: pkmnsnap-rapidash_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-scyther_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-vulpix_icon.png][Image: pkmnsnap-zapdos_icon.png]

[Image: pokestadium2.png]
Pokemon (Generation 1)
[Image: pokemonstadium2-electrode_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-exeggutor_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-farfetch_d_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-gastly_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-gengar_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-kakuna_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-parasect_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-pinsir_icon.png]
[Image: pokemonstadium2-sandslash_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-venomoth_icon.png]
Pokemon (Generation 2)
[Image: pokemonstadium2-bellossom_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-chinchou_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-dunsparce_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-elekid_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-hitmontop_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-hoppip_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-magby_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-misdreavus_icon.png]
[Image: pokemonstadium2-murkrow_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-noctowl_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-octillery_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-qwilfish_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-sunkern_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-tyrogue_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-xatu_icon.png]
[Image: pokemonstadium2-lockon_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-nightmare_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-substitute_icon.png][Image: pokemonstadium2-sweetkiss_icon.png]

[Image: supersmashbros.png]
[Image: ssb-jigglypuff_icon.png]
[Image: ssb-battlefield_icon.png]
[Image: ssb-masterhand_icon.png][Image: ssb-polygons_icon.png]
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