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Full Version: FFIV NEW Section Image
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This is my first post! YAY! Big Grin
This is my first submission! YAY! Big Grin
If it needs some adjustments, let me know to correct it!
Since everything is getting new here I thought like "Hey! I have spare time!".

If anyone needs the direct link, here it is:
If we change it, I'd like to make it less of a spoiler. This doesn't really help that.
I don't think you had to make a whole new thread just to show an icon. Ton is right, that's kind of a spoiler, it shows that hardest boss in he game. Ton, didn't we have a thread for new Icon suggestions? We should make that again.
I'm very very sorry! I thought I would've just posted! Im truly sorry!
It's ok, you don't have to like beg for mercy, but just be aware. Lol. Oh, and welcome. Big Grin
Boo Wrote:It's ok, you don't have to like beg for mercy, but just be aware. Lol. Oh, and welcome. Big Grin

...? Im not begging for mercy. Oh and, I changed Zeromus EG into Zeromus.
Thought I maintain the classic REAL final boss image battle. Oh and... lol.
Still a spoiler. Tongue
That's not what I meant... I was over-exaggerating.

But seriously whats wrong with this Logo? This is the logo that is already on The Spriters Resource. Is it a spoiler? Lol.

[Image: 4.png]
Tonberry2k Wrote:Still a spoiler. Tongue

...? But FFIV is an old game and the advance version is the same as the... OH! I should just PM you right? THAT'S simle! Let's call this a sneek-peek! I'll delete these.
Yeah, the current one is also a spoiler. That's why I wanted to change it in the first place.
But isn't technically looking at the sprites spoiling it?
Yeah, but that's voluntary. Just clicking on the section shouldn't just spoil the game for you.
One of the Icons, I put for Bosses is Zeromus EG. Lol. So while their scrolling through they will see. Oh well. Lol.
Meh. Ok then, haha. I guess that's the end of that argument. Tongue
No.. Sad My rips were taken out, because of incompleteness. Bean's rips are in there now? I didn't even know Bean was back? Or are those just some old rips of his? Because the bosses are incomplete... If you look at the FFIV Section.
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