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Full Version: Link's Tree House OoT
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Spent a little while ripping the background from Link's tree house and piecing it to gether. Also grabbed the overview
[Image: streehouse1.png]
The house isn't 3D?
I don't know, it looks...Weird somehow
thats becuase these 4 wrap around to create the background. the only physical objects in the room are link and the pots
There's not even a floor, ceiling or anything?
i believe there may be an overview. when ever the camera is rigged to not move or only rotate a point there isnt a "stage" in other words.
Ill go see if theres an overview now

EDIT: there is an overview i guess time to rip it
EDIT2: its one piece saves me alot of work
Take your time. I'm traveling today, which means I won't be around for a week or so :p No rush
Alright i just finished hopefuly ill start ripping some more tile based ones. This one was kind of unique tho becuase it was just background. Anyway have fun on your trip.
Loving this!
Alright, uploaded Link's Treehouse of Horror MCMXCVIII before going airborne. Take care :p
Nice one! I once tried to rip this and then came up with another project on SM64. Good job!
Excellent textures, look almost fractal!
The inside of the treehouse was definitely a static image. So was Hyrule square, and the inside of most houses.
But yeah, this is a perfect rip of the treehouse.
hey kylegor
i riped the room's model for the models resource and i'm curious if i could inlude your textures into the rip seeing how you have the top veiw which isn't included in mine, you will get full credit of course
Yes that would be fine, Also thanks for asking for permission, rather then just taking it.
Also do you know how to fit the static images to the model?
sorry for not answering your question, i hadn't really checked back here in a while
i'm not entirely sure what you mean though, would you clarify

p.s. the texture is added into the model rip and i gave you lots of credit, thanks for it
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