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Full Version: [FANGAME][IN DEVELOPMENT] - Sonic Henceforth
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Now at TSR! Yay

[Image: SH.png]

To start, here is our Sonic, based on Sonic OVA's Sonic:
[Image: retrosoniccellshading.png]

An 3d view:

Some of the songs on the game (16-bits version): (WIP)
Made by Gorsal.

The game is most Next-Gen than Genesis but you'll be allowed to change the style every moment. It will have the HQ to 16bits music options.

First badnick, the Rhino:
[Image: badie.png]
[Image: Rhinobot.jpg]
[Image: rhino.png]

The Eggman (made by Cody/GrandMasterJimmy):
[Image: eggman0.png]

Some background images:
[Image: pfiu_tsiiiiii.png]
[Image: lllllllllllllllllllll.png]

And for all the "I just believe seein":
An old video showing the gameplay of the game.

Well that's it. Cute

Off: Is there any code to post videos here? I hate to put links. Very Sad
I take it the sprites in the video are placeholders? Or are the models for cutscenes and suchlike?
When the project starts it was a generic Sonic Advance's sprite fangame. So the video is old and it's just there to show the gameplay. Is not a placeholder or for cutscenes, is just an old video.
This actually looks amazing! The music, new graphics, and gameplay all look awesome, and I can't wait to see more.

My only real gripe now would be the placeholder sprites, but it looks like you're working on making some sweet new 3-D graphics. Wish you luck with this, and I'm definitely going to be looking forward to new stuff from you.
I saw your thread at Retro, so I already know this game will be great!
And yay, you finished the Robotnik Model!

My only real gripe is that...
(06-15-2010, 11:24 PM)P3DR0 Wrote: [ -> ]To start, here is our Sonic, based on Sonic OVA's Sonic:
[Image: retrosoniccellshading.png]
It looks really great, heck I can't even begin to make models myself, but...That Model hardly looks like the OVA Sonic.
Really? Because I see no differences between this one and the results on the first page of a Google Image Search.
Well it has indeed some differences, I mean the model is based on OVA's Sonic. It was made with OVA concepts, the real differences at all are the spines, they're made to fit better ingame that the OVA's spines.

But thanks everyone for the support. Big Grin
(06-16-2010, 01:02 PM)Alpha Six Wrote: [ -> ]Really? Because I see no differences between this one and the results on the first page of a Google Image Search.

Then get glasses.
[Image: Sonic-The-Hedgehog-The-Movie-B00000JGOK-L.jpg]
His sonic's quills go down too far and are too large, The legs are lanky, his stomach/body should be a bit larger, the ears are too high, his back quills are too long, the shoe shape is different, Is a bit short compared to the OVA.

I wouldn't say it doesn't look anything like the OVA though.
Maybe he's just using the OVA as a little ref. then.

EDIT: Whoops, Ninja'd
Small nitpicks do not change the sound structure of the character and suddenly nullify the character itself. Just sayin'
They're not nitpiks.
And when your supposed base something off of another, it kind of does. Just sayin'

But the model itself isn't bad, Its actually perfect!
"Base" is the key word here, my friend.
The idea was to invoke the simplistic cartoonish nature of the OVA design, which the model does with style.
sonic henceforth therefore ergo

looks good but i really dont like your title because the only thing i can see you meaning with the word 'henceforth' is "Sonic From Now On" but that's

why would you assume a game you're making would be sonic from now on
i dont get it
explain your title to me
Well Henceforth was the name that we choose to say "The game is different". Between the "usual" and the "from now on" has something to change the context. Something unusual, a change, a difference. And that change, that point, that difference, it is Sonic Henceforth. It's a different game to break the usual of fangames.

It's Sonic's (fangames) from now on (henceforth).

I know it's very egocentric of us. But, that's why we choose that name. Cute

i just
i really didn't think someone would be that confident about their game
still, looks nice, hope to see some more on it soon
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