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Terranigma is done for me, only Ark, Lumina and Mosque are left. Welcome to Project no. 7~

This will be a little side-trip:

Parj Temple
Parj Temple - Rune Chamber
Parj Temple - Inner Sanctum
Celestial Ship (Starship) Cute
Tataroy Arena - Lobby Cute
Tataroy Arena Cute
Tataroy Interior Cute
Sylvalant Exterior

Hill Giant Cute
Giant Cute

Ruin Guarder Cute
Velcant Boss Cute

The Runes (Parj Temple) Cute

Item Set 1
Completed sheet:
[Image: iconcelestialshipstarsh.png]

Already on TSR -> Tataroy Arena - Lobby:

WIPs - Tataroy Interior & Parj Temple - Inner Sanktum:
Man you rip hard !
thx, but unfortunately, my savefile is partly corrupted.

Therefore it will take a little bit longer, but here is another WIP:

[Image: items1.png]
I think Star Ocean has as many items as Lunar or Tales of Phantasia (even with duplicates), I think I will not be able to get all of them. But it is a start, I will submit the sheet (after I finished the game) as "Item Set 1"
Ruin Guarder (boss), WIP:

This is his complete moveset including all effects, but I have to clean him up and rip the other two layers (legs, body).

Edit: Update~
Ruin Guarder is done, he's the second boss I've ripped from Star Ocean so far:
[Image: iconruinguarder.png]
Keep it up, man ! What more can I say ?
I will Heart

The Pirate Boss sheet can be deleted.

Velcant Boss (boss):
[Image: iconvelcantboss.png]

Giant (enemy):
[Image: icongiant.png]

Hill Giant (enemy):
[Image: iconhillgiant.png]

mh, it would be easy to recolour a large amount of enemies. Unfortunately, all existing enemy rips are a bad joke and incomplete as hell.
Nice rips hope to see more soon. Cute
WIP, Update on the Parj Temple - Inner Sanctum:

It's confusing if you enter this dungeon the first time, especially if some doors are locked and you don't know how to find the security cards.
fucking quicksaves, hitting F1 and closing the emulator...
whatever, it's not a long way back to the Parj Temple.

Rough WIP of the Parj Temple:

With his Inner Sanctum and the Rune Chamber, this one is the best looking dungeon in the whole game.
Parj Temple - Rune Chamber (WIP):

Chests (WIP):

Tataroy Arena (WIP):
Don't worry, the people are on the same layer as the regular objects. But these big gaps are bothering me, without a code I can't do anything about it.
WIP - Parj Temple (nearly complete):

There is a deadend if you enter the front door of the temple, I will rip that part too (but not for this sheet, it's big enough).
I'm now in the Revorse Tower, nice-looking dungeon =)

Update on the item sheet:

I found a complete one on sprite database from Ryan914, but this sheet has bad quality (sadly). Maybe it's the gif-format, mh~
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