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Full Version: Shingata Medarot Ripping Topic
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[Image: medarips-2.png]
[Image: medapeeps-1.png]

Anybody wanna help me with this?
any uhhh INFO ON THE GAME??

ive never heard of this one
looks very nice so far though
Oops guess I should have posted that first

Shingata Medarot is a GBA game that is only available in japan, and is a part of the Medabots series of games

In terms of gameplay it is very similar to a pokemon game, but more difficult(although that might be because I cant read the japanese instructions)

The animations in the game are produced by rotating the various parts, so all that really needs to be ripped are the standing poses and the individual medabot components.
Christ I didn't realise there were that many Medabot/Medarot Navi games on the GBA.

I'm only aware of 3; one of which I ripped in the past. It's great that you're doing this. Although I don't like the art style much...

Edit: How I ripped these was by using VBA, waiting until the robo in question was onscreen, and using the OAM Viewer to cycle through all the parts. It's not hard, but it lists each part (meaning upper AND lower arms and legs for example) individually, so it might be time-consuming.
Minor update, progress should be faster now thanks to a savestate I got from a guy on youtube
Major update, probably wont be another update for a while as I am not playing this one at the moment
Yo, was my advice helpful at all?

Because the medabots sprites aren't really as useful assembled like that - you have to rip the pieces separately.
Oh sorry about that, I forgot

[Image: dfreyjre.png]