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Full Version: Super Bomberman 3
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Yep i'm back. Two things happened to my computer causing...
One: Deletion of all Hard Drive C files,Two: Power Supply burned out and TOOK my processer out. T_T
Well here the LAST update for old sheets,and I finished a new sheet.
Fixed some weird looking riding sprites,aka.the front. And got the missing riding poses for Chen Bomber.
And finnally...I finished...MEXICAN BOMBER!
Old Sheets: -Bomberman -Bomber the Kid -Chen bomber -Punk bomber
New Sheets: -Icon -Sheet

Gah! I can't wait to get a new computer power supply! I NeEd mAh HOMM 5! *Twitch* >_O
Nice one!
I'm bumping this because my computer's power supply won't let me get much done without it blacking out on me unable to see what I need to rip. Ok,somebody throw some dynamite at me so I can refresh my bomberman skil-hey! Whoa! No,not that much! AHHH- *Loses a life* Dog gamnit. >_<
*Gets out of Coffin that says "R.I.P Person-who-we-don't-know"*
It doesn't have alot of sprites,but some of them creep me the #&$!? out.
Sorry for not ripping sprites also,School is back,and i'm really getting busy with overstocking homework.
Next up,uhh,I like to call him Crazy Old Bomberman.
Excellent! Good job! Big Grin - Sheet - Icon

Err,forgive me bringing a dead thread to life,AGAIN,but I FINALLY finished the final boss Exclamation Surprise
I been away for a long time,hopefully no one else finished this rip before I did. XD
Now...gotta get back to being T_M. *AHEM*
*Runs into a house while dodging bombs and rubber chickens*